Phil’s Pizza D’Oro – Norwood Park, Chicago

Located on Chicago’s Northwest Side at the intersection of Milwaukee and W. Ardmore Avenues, Phil’s Pizza D’Oro has been around for a while, though I’m not sure how long. They don’t claim a “Since 19–,” but online reviews mention being loyal customers for 10-20 years, and some people note they’ve been fans for 30 or 40 years! It’s easy to see why this Phil’s–one of a few different and unrelated “Phil’s” in the Chicago area–has a strong following. Phil’s Pizza D’Oro sets itself apart from many pizzerias by using high quality, fresh ingredients. This was very apparent on this stuffed pizza the Hound and I ordered. 

2014-06-20 21.08.56

The 16″ pizza was huge! In a city of hefty pizzas (both deep dish and thin crust), this stuffed pizza was likely by far the heaviest we encountered. At some places you can tell the cheese is a little cheaper, especially at the national chains, but that’s not the case at Phil’s. There were tons and tons of super-quality, stringy, delicious cheese. Half of the pizza had sausage and pepperoni, and the sausage was notably fantastic. The other side was loaded down with spinach and huge chunks of chopped garlic. The crust was perfect, too, which gave Ernie a few nice soft hunks to chew on. Needless to say, he liked this one.

2014-06-20 21.09.03
Phil’s Pizza D’Oro is highly recommended if you live on the Northwest Side or as a
destination. The ingredients are fresh and the value is obvious. I cannot begin to express how bright and delicious the sauce was, and the photos really don’t do it justice. We’d like to try the thin crust sometime, or even the regular pan, but I have to say this probably the best stuffed pizza we had in all of Chicago. Giordano’s has nothing on Phil’s Pizza D’Oro! Check this one out! It is truly a fantastic pizza. Here are a few menu images.

2014-06-20 21.10.43


In addition to frequent customer coupon, Phil’s offers a deal for the local bowling alley!


Phil’s Pizza D’Oro is located at 5800 N. Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago.

(773) 763-2285

Phil’s Pizza D’Oro Official Website

Phil’s Pizza D’Oro on Facebook

Little Clown Pizza – Avondale, Chicago

IMG_3384One of the things I really regret while living in Chicago for nearly eight years is the fact that we never got Little Clown Pizza delivered. We did, however, grab a couple of slices one time at the storefront. While the pizza was fine and nothing memorable, the delivery experience has to be something different. If you call this place for pizza, an actual clown–with makeup, bright colored clothes, and balloons–delivers your order to your door!! It’s a really cool marketing technique. I bet the Hound would have loved it. How perfect would have been to let the Pizza Hound get his picture taken with the pizza clown!


Oddly, this same establishment for awhile sold a “different” pizza under the name Daddy’sPizza, with a different menu. Strange. Our friend Christian, who used to live in the neighborhood not too far from Little Clown (or, er, Daddy’s), inquired about this. The people working there told him it was a “different recipe.” According to some online research, apparently there was a Daddy’s Pizza at 4243 W. Fullerton in Hermosa, and it shared the number that’s listed on this menu, but apparently the place is gone now. Hmm…

Well, regardless, it always made us happy to see this minivan parked in the neighborhood!


Little Clown Pizza is located at 2801 N. Central Park Ave. (at Diversey), Chicago, IL

(773) 276-7776

Official Little Clown Pizza Website

Time Out Chicago’s Little Clown Pizza listing with a great photo of the clown!    (check out the jalapeños on that pizza)

Enjoy this bonus video from Little Clown Pizza!