Eloise’s Pizza – Wherever Her Dreams Take Her

Since 2017

Being a Pizza Hound is such hard work that it takes a lot of practice. With the arrival of a brand new sister, Ernie felt it was his job to make sure his new pizza companion was properly trained in the art of Pizza Hounding, so he got her own training pizza.


Welcome! I’ve been waiting for you to get here. We’re going to have a lot of fun together. I’ll show you around and help you figure out what’s going on in this big world. You’ve met Dad, and by now you know Dad likes to wear a hoodie, so he and Mom got me one, too. And guess what else. . .


My hoodie has a special message. . .all about you!


It’s going to be so much fun having a little buddy. I’m going to do my best to look out for you, kid.


And this Pizza Hound training is just the beginning.


Hopefully it’ll continue every Friday or Saturday night. Doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun?


The first thing you gotta do is catch a good scent and hound out your pizza. You may have to sniff around a whole a lot and get Dad to drive you a long way, but it will be worth it in the end. He’ll call in the order and he’ll even pay for it! Then you can head home and put it on the table.


It can be hard to keep from jumping right in and eating a piece. Dad will make you wait a couple of minutes, though.


That way, he can take some pictures to tell the world about it.


Sometimes I sit well, and I’ll continue to now for our purposes here.


But I admit I like to walk around to keep Dad on his toes.


It’s just that I’m always so excited about pizza. And I’m sure you will be, too!


Pizza boxes come in different sizes, big and small. Sometimes they are heavy and square, and sometimes they are thin and rectangular. And sometimes they are just bags and aren’t even boxes at all! Some of them have fun pictures on them, too. I come across all kinds of them, and Dad describes them to me. This one sure smells like a good one!


Open the box, and there it is! Our prize for our hard work! Delicious sauce, cheese, pepperoni on a well-made crust. Sometimes pizzas are very thin, and sometimes they are very, very thick! Some are cut in square pieces and a lot are cut like a pie. Some are served on thin pans, some in deep dishes. Some pizzas are even double deckers! Those are kinda rare.


Dad will always want us to pose by the pizza. Sometimes it’s hard to resist, but I can play it pretty cool.


But pretty soon, I’m ready for a taste!


Can we have some now, please?


Pepperoni and sausage are delicious on pizza, but as my sister, I want you be as healthy as possible when you are enjoying a treat like this. So it’s a good idea to try all kinds of different toppings on your pizza, including vegetables.


There’s a world of flavors out there to taste and enjoy!


No garlic or onions for me, but you surely can eat them when you’re a little older.


Load your pizza down with all kinds of good stuff. Don’t forget to explore other great toppings like anchovies, too!


You usually don’t need to a pizza cutter for the pizzas you hound out, but it’s a good idea to have one on hand. Sometimes deep dish pizzas come uncut, so you’ll need a cutter to enjoy one of those pies, especially in Chicago. You’ll definitely need one for frozen pizzas, a late night family tradition.


There you go! That’s a nice slice. Can I maybe have a little bite of the crust?


I’m always going to be interested in what’s on the table, that’s for sure!


It’s a good idea to put your leftovers in the fridge. That way you can enjoy them the next day for a snack.


Hey, that’s you!


You can put your pizza box on top of mine.


There’s always room for pizzas in this household!


Where can you Pizza Hound? Well, Chicago’s my favorite place for pizza, and I know you’ll love it, too! There are fantastic pizzas–big ole thick ones–among the tall, sparkly buildings and hustle and bustle of the Loop. But some of the best are hidden away in the wonderful neighborhoods and surrounding suburbs. Don’t forget check out interesting places like Bridgeport, Gage Park, Uptown, South Chicago, Ashburn, Mayfair, Dunning, Montclare, Old Irving, Clearing, Beverly, Albany Park, and, of course, Hegewisch! There are so many other places near the city, ones that I tracked down, and new ones for you to discover. There are great pizzas in Aurora, Oak Lawn, Stickney, Blue Island, Kankakee, and Waukegan. And don’t forget Northwest Indiana! Some of our favorite pizzas have come from Whiting, East Chicago, Valparaiso, Munster, and Gary. I know you can find more.

There are so many pizzas in the world, and you should try them all. You can go all over the country and even the world. I hope you visit wonderful places like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New Haven, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Cleveland, New Jersey, Detroit, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. New York City is a pizza wonderland. Be sure you look in places people might not expect, too. Big cities have lots of stuff, but small towns can have some great pizza, too, and out-of-the-way city neighborhoods will surprise you most of all. Wonderful and interesting pizza can be found in places with names like North Braddock, Coney Island, Gravesend, Lemay, and Florissant. I hear there’s a really interesting type of pizza you can only find in place called Old Forge, Pennsylvania. I’ve never been there but I bet it’s neat. Maybe you could even have a-piz-za-pie in Italy! I hope you do.

So that’s how you Pizza Hound. Do you have any questions?


Of course, I’ll help you hound out pizzas!


It will be my pleasure.


Now that you have completed this training, I think you are ready for your official introduction to the world. . .Ladies and gentlemen, please say hello to our newest Pizza Hound, Eloise Moxie! Born July 21, 2017. Hello, Eloise!


Do you like the shirt I got you? I wanted the world to see you in style.


And there’s a message on the back that I hope you take with you on your trips.


We can discover new pizzas together.


And I’ll always be by your side. I promise.

Eloise’s Pizza is currently located in St. Louis, MO, but we hope she has pizza adventures all over the world.

Marcello’s Father and Son Restaurant – Logan Square, Chicago

Since 1947

Over several years living in Chicago, the hound’s mom and I ended up loving a few eateries above all else: La Pasadita for burritos and tacos; Fiore’s for sandwiches; Kuma’s and Edzo’s for burgers; Ipsento for coffee; Pequod’s for pan pizza. We were also very fond of Thai Eatery and Rangoli. Each of these places had that perfect combination between taste and value. You knew you were going to get excellent food at a fair price. And for thin crust pizza, that place was Father and Son, or as we commonly called it, Marcello’s.


Father and Son has been around forever, and it’s longevity is well-deserved. Amid the rapid gentrification of Logan Square, with its increasingly trendy selection of eateries and stores, Father and Son holds on as a connection to preceding decades–a landmark to known throughout the neighborhood by longtime residents, past and present. In recent years, Logan Square has become home to newer–and very good–pizza options, such as Dante’s and Boiler Room, but Father and Son has stood the test of time, thriving for nearly an incredible 70 years.


We most typically got Marcello’s for a night in and not really a traditional Pizza Hound run. Both carryout and delivery were very efficient. In fact, I think we only dined in there once, which is a shame, because the dining room is great. Large windows with line the front so diners can sit in one of the comfortable booths and look out onto busy Milwaukee Avenue. The walls have some tasteful wood paneling, with the typical images of Italy. There are also a number of tables, often filled with families enjoying a night out. Gene Siskel and Robert Ebert apparently also enjoyed dining there, too, and Ebert even said it was their favorite in Chicago. That’s a significant endorsement in our book. Make no mistake: Father and Son appears to do a good business.

In fact, the first time we had ever heard of Father and Son was from someone who grew up in the Wicker Park/Humboldt Park area. He was our neighbor, and a very friendly, talkative guy. We mentioned to him that we were going out later that evening for pizza to celebrate my birthday. With huge grin, he excitedly responded something to the effect of “So, you’re having a pizza party? Can I come? Where you having it? Marcello’s?” What was Marcello’s and why was that the first and only place that came to his mind to mention? It’s probably because it’s been in Logan Square since 1947, first located, according to this nice article, at a smaller space at Diversey and Whipple,  and then at the current Milwaukee Avenue location where it moved a few years later. Father and Son was thus a traditional neighborhood staple, known for delivering pizzas all over the area. If we had grown up there, we’d have known that.


But we eventually figured it out, and it became one of our favorites. Father and Son serves ultra thin, tavern cut pizza. The crust is crispy and cracker-like. The chunks of sausage may not really stand out, but are definitely better than most out there. The sausage and pepperoni combination was always our favorite, but we also added onions and shrimp once or twice, which made the topping layer very thick. New York style pizza, which has a little bit thicker crust, is on the menu, though I do not recall ever trying it. The deep dish is very good, as well. Not just a plain pan pizza like many restaurants in the area; this a well-balanced, not overly-hefty deep dish with buttery crust and chunky tomato sauce on top of the cheese. All in all it had a thickness similar to a pizza from Lou Malnati’s. Some “gourmet pizza” options are available, too.

Father and Son particularly excels at Italian American pasta dishes of the red sauce variety. A basic spaghetti or ravioli dish is an excellent value and worth trying. For us, there was usually enough left over to put in the fridge and have another meal the next day. The salads are good, too. The menu is remarkably huge, rounded out with steaks, ribs, soups, seafood, a number of different sandwiches, and broasted chicken.


Pizza from Marcello’s Father and Son is also a central player in the what we shall call the “Bat Pizza Incident of Halloween 2013.” This was a legendary event, retold to this day as part of our family lore. Each year Marcello’s has fun promotions where they cut a pizza into a particular shape and sell it for a deal on a holiday. For Valentine’s Day, they make a heart-shaped pizza, which we ordered a couple of times. On Halloween, though, the real fun happens: they cut a extra large thin crust pizza into the shape of a bat! Bat Pizza is so much fun.

Father and Son Halloween bat pizza

Source: Official Marcello’s email

Well, that October 31st we ordered the Bat Pizza to celebrate the holiday. Ernie was dressed in his Spider-Man costume, with his Halloween sidekick, Frankie.

2013-10-31 19.34.20

He had already gotten his “candy” bucket, which was full of treats and chew toys, but we should have known he would not settle for just “treats.” So, we opened the box on the coffee table and we smiled with recognition at the fun bat-shaped pizza. At that moment, Ernie immediately turned his head sideways, darted it forward, and snagged the first piece! All we could do was laugh.

Here’s some rare, grainy photographic evidence of the incident about to take place. Could this be the origin of The Amazing Pizza Hound???

Ernie loved it, and so did we. A superhero was born.

Father and Son has been extremely successful. Apparently, it has filled thousands of orders per week for decades. That success has brought some changes. It is somewhat corporately branded, so there is a bit of robot-like blandness in their menu presentation and on their website. Pictures of their food, while legitimate, look a bit like stock photos, and they seem to really push things like their gluten free menu. They also have locations in Lincoln Park/Old Town on North Avenue and in suburban Northbrook, both under Marcello’s brand name, which extends to their catering services. Recently, the company opened a counter-service location in Skokie under the somewhat trendy name Father and Son Italian Kitchen, which includes a solar-powered food truck! Despite all of that sucking out some of the old-neighborhood allure of Father and Son, the ease of being able to easily order from their online system more than makes up for it. Plus, you get online deals via email, which we took advantage of quite a bit. And the fact remains: Father and Son is still a family-run Logan Square institution with great, great food completely deserving of its success.

We miss Father and Son a lot. We feel really lucky that we lived in a Chicago neighborhood that was also home to one of the city’s finest old pizzerias. Pizza was the last meal we had in Chicago, but I regret that Father and Son wasn’t a part of that meal. I also wish we had more pictures of this great pizza; I guess we made the mistake of taking it for granted.

That’s Marcello’s…


Not to be confused with. . .Martello’s.


         Marcello’s Father and Son is located at 2475 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL 60647

(773) 252-2620

Official Website

Phil’s Pizza D’Oro – Norwood Park, Chicago

Located on Chicago’s Northwest Side at the intersection of Milwaukee and W. Ardmore Avenues, Phil’s Pizza D’Oro has been around for a while, though I’m not sure how long. They don’t claim a “Since 19–,” but online reviews mention being loyal customers for 10-20 years, and some people note they’ve been fans for 30 or 40 years! It’s easy to see why this Phil’s–one of a few different and unrelated “Phil’s” in the Chicago area–has a strong following. Phil’s Pizza D’Oro sets itself apart from many pizzerias by using high quality, fresh ingredients. This was very apparent on this stuffed pizza the Hound and I ordered. 

2014-06-20 21.08.56

The 16″ pizza was huge! In a city of hefty pizzas (both deep dish and thin crust), this stuffed pizza was likely by far the heaviest we encountered. At some places you can tell the cheese is a little cheaper, especially at the national chains, but that’s not the case at Phil’s. There were tons and tons of super-quality, stringy, delicious cheese. Half of the pizza had sausage and pepperoni, and the sausage was notably fantastic. The other side was loaded down with spinach and huge chunks of chopped garlic. The crust was perfect, too, which gave Ernie a few nice soft hunks to chew on. Needless to say, he liked this one.

2014-06-20 21.09.03
Phil’s Pizza D’Oro is highly recommended if you live on the Northwest Side or as a
destination. The ingredients are fresh and the value is obvious. I cannot begin to express how bright and delicious the sauce was, and the photos really don’t do it justice. We’d like to try the thin crust sometime, or even the regular pan, but I have to say this probably the best stuffed pizza we had in all of Chicago. Giordano’s has nothing on Phil’s Pizza D’Oro! Check this one out! It is truly a fantastic pizza. Here are a few menu images.

2014-06-20 21.10.43


In addition to frequent customer coupon, Phil’s offers a deal for the local bowling alley!


Phil’s Pizza D’Oro is located at 5800 N. Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago.

(773) 763-2285

Phil’s Pizza D’Oro Official Website

Phil’s Pizza D’Oro on Facebook